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PSL 2000

Power Tail Lift

Retractable lift with double folded aluminium platform and capacity of 1700 & 2200 kg., depending on the version.
Ideal on vehicles with reduced overhang. Leave the rear of the vehicle clear and allows dock operations.
The new sliding system with tubes and bushes entirely made of aluminium allows a weight saving of 51 kg compared to traditional systems made of steel.
Sliding movements are made using a push pull cylinder that does not overhang the structure.
In this way the use of a traditional sliding system is guaranteed without the necessity of a pre mounted push pull cylinder or additional hydraulic systems or other devices and solutions.

- Foot controls.
- Remote controls with spiral cable.
- Automatic roll stops.
- Hydraulical or mechanical stabilizer.
- Spring assisted platform opening system.
- Pre mounted sliding system.

- Low coupling version.
- Dual use (cantilever - retractable version).


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