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PTL 2000

Power Tail Lift

Cantilever lift with 4 cylinders 
The use of high resistence steel allows a higher load capacity of 1700 and 2200 kg depending on the version. 
Ideal for intensive daily use. 
Can be installed on trucks and trailers.

- Power supply 12 or 24 volts. 
- Square section main frame, laser cut arms and homologated 3 pieces rear bumper. 
- Bolted mounting brackets allow quick fitting. 
- Cylinders with electric safety valves and adjustable extensions. 
- Control box with cut off switch; two hands controls; remote controls selector; buzzer and remote control plug. 
- Platform automatically tilt on the ground. 
- Steel parts protected with KTL and powder paint. 
- Cylinders rod plated with high resistance chromium.

- Foot controls. 
- Wanderlead. 
- Automatic roll stops. 
- Hydraulical or mechanical stabilizers. 
- Tractor connection plug for semitrailers. 
- Platform lock.


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