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Antibacterial FRP


As a Sole distributor for Antibac Fibre-reinforced Panel (FRP), it is the State-of-the-Art German Innovative Nano Silver Technology.

Antibac FRP a highly effective and durable material that can improve global hygiene standards in many walks of life.

Antibac FRP which has a Gelcoat on its surface contain Nano Silver particles that sustainably and efficiently neutralizes more than 99.9% of all bacteria on its surface.

It has Maximum durability even under the toughest conditions, 

 Health Safety, Non-Toxicity and Environmental compatibility guaranteed

Biocompatibility and Ecotoxicology under the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and 

International Organization for Standard (ISO)

 Antibac FRP has Triple Effect on Bacteria, 

  • Destruction of metabolism due to deactivation of cellular enzymes;
  • Destruction of the Cell membrane;
  • Prevention of DNA replication.

 Efficacy against Pathogens as per standards JIS Z2801, DIN EN ISO 22196, ASTM 2180, ASTM 2149


  • It helps to eliminate regular cleaning and disinfectant, saving manpower, time and disinfectant cost in long run.
  • It prevents development of bacteria, black mold, viruses and gems on its surface producing a Maximum Hygiene Sterile Surface needed for a clean room, food processing room, medical hall, surgery room, childcare environment and so on. (i.e. walls and surface need not repaint, rework, regular refurnishing and disinfecting.) 
  • It complies and meet the strict hygienic requirements for food transport, food processing, storage room, refrigerated shelves and it impresses here with easy and residue-free cleaning thanks to the pore-free surface, which does not lose its antibacterial properties even under the toughest conditions.
  • Antibac FRP assured food safety and non-toxicity of the material used, is considered absolutely safe for humans and the environment.
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